Relentless Women

Women On A Relentless Pursuit of Success


The world’s most successful women really want it–and remain determined even in the face of obstacles. They have the skills, and they put the time in. But more importantly, they have the desire to do something great. Beth Brooke, global vice chair of Ernst & Young Ernst & Young, was diagnosed with a degenerative hip disease at age 13 and was told by doctors she may never walk again. Before going into surgery she promised herself she would walk—no, she would run—and aspired to become one of the best young athletes the world had seen. Not only did she walk, she went on to play several varsity sports at her high school, earned multiple MVP awards, and later played Division I basketball in college. She made up her mind, and she didn’t quit. She brought that same determination to her career and today ranks among the 100 most powerful women in the world.

Be Courageous

  • Women at the top aren’t fearless. They move toward their fear to continually challenge themselves.
  • In order to achieve big success, you have to have big impact.
  • To move the needle, you have to make a big bets—but never rash—always based on a careful study of the outcomes.  You have to know what you have to gain, and if you can afford to take the hit if it doesn’t go your way.
  • It takes discipline to achieve and maintain success.
  • You simply can’t do everything, and the world’s most powerful women stay focused on the areas that will have the biggest impact—from both a leadership perspective and a career management perspective.
  • Over and over again women at the top say their best strategy for success is to hire people who are diverse, passionate and smarter than themselves–and then listen closely to their perspectives.
  • The most successful women have learned that they have to have help, and they have to have faith in the people around them—at work and at home. It’s not easy, but it’s critical over the long-term.

Excerpts Forbes Woman Original Title: Eight Leadership Lessons From The World’s Most Powerful Women