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WorldDesignbyIlcoForeign direct investments have become the major economic driver of globalization.  Investing in global markets can provide a firm with new business, and marketing channels, cost-effective production facilities, access to new technology, products, diverse skills and creative financing.  The recipient either a country or the foreign firm receiving the investment, provides a source of new organizational technologies and management skills, and as such can provide a strong impetus to economic development.

Cole & Associates Worldwide provides a bridge to initiate, facilitate, and foster viable investment projects for economic development and international expansion for corporations and individuals.

Investment Opportunities

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly cost-competitive.

Investment in electricity from the wind, sun, waves and biomass grew to $187 billion last year, compared with $157 billion for natural gas, oil and coal. Total new investment in clean energy increased last year to $260 billion in 2011.

Some recent scenarios estimate that renewables will contribute more to a low-carbon energy supply by 2050 than nuclear power or fossil fuels using carbon capture and storage.

Hydro, geothermal and bioenergy have long been competitive where resources are available, and wind and solar are also economically attractive in many locations.  If supported by strong enabling policies at the public level and robust investment from the private sector, renewable energy could supply a much larger share of the world’s energy by 2030.

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